Why Social Media Advertising is Important

As you’ve probably heard many times before, social media has changed the way in which we connect and communicate with one another.  The emergence of MySpace led to the emergence of tech giants Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat (with many more in-between).

For a long time, you dictated what you saw on your news feed for Facebook and Instagram.

If you were friends with someone, or liked a company page, you’d see their Facebook posts on your feed at some point (considering you’re like the rest of us and you peek at your social media account every so often on a daily basis).

On Instagram, all of the posts were shown in chronological order so you never really missed a post from the accounts you followed.

Boy-oh-boy has all that changed..

Facebook started with changing their algorithm to tailor certain posts into your feed that you are “likely” to enjoy and relate-to based on your behavior while using the app.

The other social media giant, Instagram, which Facebook acquired a few years back, also just recently applied similar algorithmic functions as Facebook.

The new algorithm makes it really tough for business pages to stand out because now, business owners won’t know if everyone who is a fan of their profile page will view their posts due to the new algorithm.

The same goes for Instagram. Many people relied on the guaranteed exposure with every single picture or video that was posted. Now, their is no guarantee who sees your posts, how many people see it, nor when they see your posts.

The one way around this issue is through Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. Social Media Advertising in Santa Barbara is a major component to obtaining brand recognition and guaranteed people see your posts.

Facebook has integrated a great marketing tool for business owners. That great marketing tool is advertising. Facebook has been able to gather many users and their personal information. They’ve gathered users through different channels like Instagram, WhatsApp and many other technology companies they have acquired over the years.

All of these users provide valuable consumer information. Facebook and Instagram’s advertising software allows for you to reach all of these users directly by segmenting certain demographic audiences.

It is such a powerful that many businesses, big and small, have taken on this new marketing strategy and have seen tremendous positive results from it.

Don’t get left behind in the new digital age. Get started on your business social media advertising in Santa Barbara. Make sure that when you post, it is actually seen online by the people you want to see it.